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                        class Idea extends Model {

                        use Notifiable;

                        * Dreaming of something more?
                        * @with  Laravel
                        public function create()
                        // Have a fresh start...



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Enterprise Event Management System

A complete solution to full fill the needs of event management business, As an event organizer you can create events within multiple languages, with multiple payment methods like cash, direct debit or pay pal . You also get an awesome seat designer to design the seating arrangements of your venue.

                                    class Purchase implements ShouldQueue {

                                    * Purchase a new podcast.
                                    public function handle(Repository $repo)
                                    foreach ($this->purchases as $purchase)

Enterprise Nursery Management System

A Childcare Management Software with a dedicated Mobile App. Where you can manage your staff roaster, child attendance. A complete solution to your nursery needs. From the waiting list to child registration every thing is managed. Where parents can see their kids progress reports, and check their fee invoice and pay them online.

                                    ~/Apps $ php artisan make:migration create_users_table
                                    Migration created successfully!

                                    ~/Apps $ php artisan migrate --seed
                                    Migrated: 2015_01_12_000000_create_users_table
                                    Migrated: 2015_01_12_100000_create_password_resets_table
                                    Migrated: 2015_01_13_162500_create_projects_table
                                    Migrated: 2015_01_13_162508_create_servers_table

Shop Floor Management System

Shop Floor management system implements the material plan by managing the flow of materials inside the plant. An effectively managed Shop Floor Control system serves as a mediator between production control and the shop floor. It allows you to manage and track manufacturing work orders and processes.

                                    Route::resource('photos', 'PhotoController');

                                    * Retrieve A User...
                                    Route::get('/user/{user}', function(App\User $user)
                                    return $user;

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Soft Pyramid is a top rated Laravel Framework Developers company. We are Crafting Applications using Laravel, Lumen, Angular Js and Twitter bootstrap.

We are working through upwork, our complete work history can be found here. We have done so far 100+ projects, from small to enterprise solutions, more than 50,000 hours of work has been spent in laravel development so far, every thing is recorded on upwork, along with customer feedback.

We are promoting laravel framework in Pakistani community, and in this regard, we have recently held a meetup in Lahore, Pakistan, where over 300+ developers, students and other people from the industry joined us. click to view details

We at Soft Pyramid also training students and developers to work with laravel, we have started a hands training session in our Lahore, Pakistan office. We are also planning to expand it for remote developers around the world.


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We are open to answering any queries. Whether you are a small scale setup or one of the leading companies please do not hesitate to ask questions about our services or discuss a potential project.

                                    class Contact  {

                                    public function email(Repository $repo)
                                    Mail::send('emails.reminder', ['user' => $user], function ($m) use ($user) {
                                    $m->from('', 'Your Application');

                                    $m->to($user->email, $user->name)->subject('Your Reminder!');


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