Project Description

Boosterhub is a crowdfunding platform where people can create and share campaigns with their network to raise funds for their projects or causes. platform offers different types of fundraising models, including reward-based and donation-based crowdfunding. Boosterhub also provides tools and resources to help users create effective campaigns, including customizable templates, social media integration, and analytics.


: Front End, Back end, QA, UI/UX design


: United States

Business Challenge

The client expected to deliver a user-friendly website with robust fundraising features, such as secure payment processing, social media integration, and analytics. The website was required to be optimized for search engines, responsive to different devices, and easy to manage through a content management system. Security was a top priority, and the website needed to be designed with measures to protect user data and prevent fraudulent activities.

Technical Challenge

Developing a crowdfunding platform like BoosterHub was a difficult task, with specific technical challenges including developing a secure payment processing system and a scalable server infrastructure. The payment processing system needed to be secure to protect user financial data, while the server infrastructure needed to handle high traffic and user demand. We implemented caching mechanisms, load balancers, and cloud hosting to maintain website performance.

Key Features

Boosterhub allows users to create and manage crowdfunding campaigns to raise money for their projects, products, or services. Users can set funding goals, offer rewards to backers, and track campaign performance.

It integrates with social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to allow users to share their campaigns and reach a wider audience.

It offers a secure payment processing system that accepts multiple payment options.

Boosterhub provides detailed analytics and reporting features that allow users to track campaign performance, monitor user behavior, and optimize their campaigns.

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