Project Description

RaiseBerry is a SaaS platform that allows the fundraiser to raise funds by creating campaigns and selling products. Users can donate by buying any product or custom donations as well. Moreover, they can also add products to the checkout page and add payment by the payment gateways.


: Front End, Back end, QA, UI/UX design


: United States

Business Challenge

Our team worked closely with a client who required a fundraising platform that allowed for secure and authentic donations. In response, we proposed a new model that enabled fundraisers to create campaigns and sell products as a means of raising funds. The client also requested specific features such as adding products to the checkout page and integrating payment gateways. To fulfil these requirements, we developed RaiseBerry, a comprehensive fundraising platform that met all the client’s specifications.Our platform was delivered to the client within just three months, meeting their needs in a timely and efficient manner.

Technical Challenge

Defining Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is essential during the requirements gathering process to monitor the realization of business advantages. Despite some challenges faced during this phase, we became more proactive and encouraged our clients to raise any issues through Jira tickets for prompt resolution.

Another technical challenge we encountered was displaying statistics from multiple tables on a single page. Our team worked diligently to find a solution, and we implemented optimized database queries to resolve the issue effectively.

Key Features

It is a useful platform providing assistance in fundraising events. You can focus on the progress of organisational tasks and RaiseBerry can handle the difficult tasks of fundraising rather than just asking for donations and managing orders and deliveries.

The platform can send wonderful products directly to supporters from respectable businesses. Fundraisers are free to offer their own goods and services in your RaiseBerry event if it is a better option for them. 

With RaiseBerry, fundraisers can easily track each sale suggested by a member of the company, ensuring complete transparency throughout the fundraising process. Each student, athlete, or volunteer can have their own unique shareable link, allowing them to refer others to the fundraiser while receiving recognition for their contributions.

Moreover, RaiseBerry clearly shows the amount of each product sale that goes to the fundraiser, providing complete transparency to supporters.

Raiseberry helps in order forms, money, cheques, and credit card reconciliation. You can concentrate on your goals while keeping an eye on the money entering your bank account. Aside from that, you can always use the accounting tools available to comprehend these processes.

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